An updated and modern interface for Community has been in the works, and we are now happy to announce that it is available for your next giving event! Statistics show that within the past few years there has been more mobile than desktop PC traffic on the internet, and those numbers continue to climb. In light of that, we have paid special attention to making sure the new giving platform interface is exceptional on mobile devices.

There are numerous new features implemented into the platform that launched with the interface update. Perhaps one of the most exciting new elements is a demo Big Give site for you to explore. It mimics a live donation site so you are able to see the different features we have built and gives you the opportunity to walk through the website all the way through the checkout process without any real transactions taking place.

If you enjoy the look of our main site interface, you will love what we have in store for you on the administration end of things. Our new interface is cleaner, streamlined, and more intuitive.

Check out the screenshots below highlighting the main site interface and also the administration dashboard. 

Like what you see? Contact us to get started with your “Big Give” online giving event and join our Community today!  

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