Making a difference for non-profits

Let’s give big!

In collaboration with like-minded people, the Community Giving Platform was developed to help facilitate a Big Give 24-hour online giving campaign.

While primarily dealing with smaller communities, our mission is to provide an affordable, online giving platform with ease of use and functionality for any sized community.

We want to partner with you during your Big Give and keep the contributions where they belong—with the non-profits!

Community Giving Feature Set

Hosting Services

The site is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform and the site is built using some of the latest technologies with ASP.NET and SQL Server.

Responsive Design

Provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience with easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices (desktop to mobile).

Administrative Features

A user friendly admin control panel allows access to the giving event settings, donor information and non-profit information.

Payment Processor

Utilizing the Rise Concepts credit card processing system, donors remain on site during the entire donation process.

Giving Statistics

During the event, there is a real-time display of total donations and two top 10 leader boards: Most Individual Donations and Most Dollars Raised.

Non-profit Features

Non-profits can log in and manage all aspects of their profile as well as have the ability to export their donor information.

Quick Give

Quick Give allows donors to quickly donate to multiple organizations, provide their billing information, and check out from a single form.

Support Services

High-level support before, during, and after your Big Give with access to other campaign administrators to achieve a successful event.

Online Idea Board

Our online idea board helps shape the future of the tool by weighing in with ideas for new features and enhancements.

Non-profit Admin Interface

The new version 2.0 interface touts several new enhancements. It is a mobile-first interface with a dashboard view providing year-over-year statistics.

MOU Feature

Our new memorandum of understanding signing feature allows you the opportunity to have every organization agree to your giving day terms.

Security Services

As our platform continues to evolve, we are keeping pace with security standards. We have improved our password requirement standards.

Sponsor Sign-up Feature

The platform now supports an easy way to onboard your sponsors. They simply fill out the form, select their sponsorship level and make their donation.

Matching Funds Feature

This new feature allows every organization participating during the giving day to specify who is matching their funds and up to what amount.

Reporting Statistics

We have added a number of new reporting features for our administrators to help you better understand your giving day.

Community Giving Interface

Home Page

Numerous features are packed into the home page: a slider, countdown timer, and a listing of non-profits either alphabetically or grouped by category. During the event, a total amount is given banner, social integrations (Facebook and Twitter), a listing of in-person giving locations, two top 10 leader boards, and a scrolling area for listing your sponsors can be displayed.


Non-profit Profile Page

Leading up to your giving event non-profits will sign up online. Once they are activated and provided with a user id and password they can then log in and update their profile information. They have the ability to provide a full set of information about themselves, a description of the services they offer, describe what they are currently raising money for, other ways to contact them via their social media platforms, as well as upload images to complete their profile. They can also download their donor information after the event has ended.

Adminstration Interface

The admin interface is a robust area that allows Big Give administrators to control numerous aspects of how the site operates. A number of features can be turned on and off based on date/time settings. Administrators have an interface to input in-person donations, view and download all donor/donation information, update site content, access nonprofit profiles, manage in-person giving station information, as well as view additional statistics about the event.


Non-profit Admin Interface

In June of 2022, our modernized and newly updated nonprofit administration interface went live. Taking feedback from our platform users into consideration, we implemented new ideas and worked on streamlining the data entry process. Some new features include a Save/Update button at the ready as you scroll down the page, a more intuitive way to find the information that needs to be frequently updated, and historical rollup data on the dashboard. Overall, we’ve improved the interface with the nonprofit in mind to make the management experience easier and more efficient. Year to year updates on their information is now a simpler process.