Support Services

What kind of support can you expect?

When you sign up with us you get more than just an online giving platform. You get a team. Not only do you have access to our team to help assist you with the “techy” details of running your giving day, but you also have access to other giving day administrators who are using our platform! This is a great value-add to everyone involved. Have a question about how others are marketing their giving day, just ask. Have questions about how other’s are leveraging social media, just ask. Just trying to figure out where to start? We are here for you!

Join our “Community”

Our primary means of communication is via Slack. This is a real-time chat tool. We will create a Slack channel specifically for your Big Give.

When you come on board we will add you to our Slack channel that allows all of the Big Give administrators access to one another in a chat area. Asking questions of others that are doing the same thing that you are provides a great way to learn together and share ideas as you work on your giving day.

Not only will you have access to our Slack channel you will also get access to our website: We are dedicated to documenting new ideas/features etc., that you and other Big Give administrators have.  The goal of this site is to help you shape and form the future of the platform. As everyone engages with the site we plan to add new features of the platform in order of most importance but all ideas are welcomed and will be seriously considered.

Other Support Methods

You can always contact us via email, text and of course phone. We also offer ZOOM conferencing to go over any operations on the site.

Before your Giving Day

  • We will assist you with getting your site stood up and customized to your specifications. This includes: adding images to the slider   (you can create the images or we can help with that for an additional fee), customizing the color scheme of the site, and adding in logos. We will also work with you on any social integrations that you would like to include in your site. Currently, we offer both Facebook and Twitter integration.
  • We will work with you to determine the best layout of your site’s homepage. This will include what pieces of content will be displayed when and how you want to have your non-profits listed on the home page. You can list your non-profits either alphabetically, with org info cards, or by category.
  • We also help you get your sponsors listed on the home page. Normally, we have one row of sponsors but we have had cases where there were different levels of sponsorship. We can accommodate either scenario. After you supply us with sponsor logos we will format each one so that they look consistent.
  • We will also work with you to determine what pages of content you want to provide to your site visitors. In most cases, the pages are fairly standard but there have been a few differences here and there.

During your Giving Event

  • During the day of your giving event, we are available so that if any issues or questions arise you can contact us and we will do our best to help you with whatever situation arises.

After your Giving Event

  • After the giving event is over we will help you to make any final adjustments that you would like to have made to the site as far as displaying final numbers from the giving event, gathering data, etc.

Bottom Line

  • Our goal is to provide a successful, affordable, online giving platform with ease of use and functionality for you and your community.

Be part of Community today!

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