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2023 A Year of Incremental Enhancements

March 12, 2023 | Jobs, Messages, Platform

2023 is going to be the year of incremental enhancements for the Community Platform and it’s suite of products. We have some new projects in mind, such as Volunteers and Tasks, as well as a list of specific upgrades for Jobs, Messaging, and our flagship product Giving.

One of our potential projects is to create a Volunteers application that community organizations can use to post their need for volunteers. This platform would allow volunteers to find opportunities that match their interests and skills, while also enabling them to track their volunteering hours.

Another potential project is the Tasks application, which would allow various departments within a community to track their tasks. The system would send emails to assignees when tasks are assigned, and a dashboard would display the status of all open tasks. The application would help keep track of outstanding tasks and provide a centralized location for everyone to view task statuses.

We also plan to add categorization features to our communication system called Messages, allowing community members to subscribe to specific areas of interest. Additionally, we plan to implement a login-based account system that allows users to manage their account preferences and subscription category preferences. A historical log of all messages sent from the system will also be kept.

For Jobs, Community aims to enhance the connection between job seekers and employers. Plans are to provide high-level statistics for administrators and employers to better gauge overall engagement on the site and specific job posts. Community will also add new site administration features to increase flexibility for site administrators.

Regarding our flagship product Giving, Community plans to refine the Non-Profit administration interface and the overall administration interface for Giving day administrators. We are also considering an overhaul of the main Giving day interface, although it is unclear if this will happen in 2023 or at a later date.

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